After visiting with us at North Pointe you will eventually want to visit a Small group- this is where true fellowship and community begin. People at North Pointe come from all walks of life and are of every age group so there is definitely a place for you to fit in and grow in the Lord.  Use the descriptions below to help find a group,you can connect with!  Feel free to try several groups before settling in- we know there is one that will be just right!

Preschool & Children

Our preschool and children are divided by ages / grades in a manner that allows for age appropriate bible learning and play.  All workers have had background checks are screened so that they work well with kids.  These groups are located in a secure area and the kids must be picked up by an authorized person. To help us with this, we ask parents to fill out a registration form with allergy and other information at the first visit.  The preschool area is accessed via the preschool lobby on the east side of the building. The Children’s area may be accessed from an elevator in the Preschool lobby.


Youth / College

The youth meet in the Family Life Center in the northwest corner of our facility.  They are generally divided in boys and girls after an opening time together.  The High School Seniors meet with the College Aged students for Bible Study also in the Family Life Center.



Young Families Small Group

This group is open to anyone who has kids from Preschool to Elementary.  Using a discussion-oriented format and often video driven,  this group alternates between life issues that young families face and general Bible Study.  This group loves to support and pray for one another in and out of the small group setting!


Parents of Teens Small Group 

This brand new group is open to anyone who has youth from 7-12 grades. Come join them as they share life together!


Senior Adult Small Group

This is a coed class with adults ranging from their 60s to 80s. They begin each class with a hymn or two and follow it with a prayer time for each other needs.  This group also meets monthly on a Sunday evening for fellowship, bible study and a potluck dinner.

New Groups are starting soon!